Eden Rivers Trust works all over the Eden Catchment with landowners, agencies, charities and communities to make the Eden a better place for people and wildlife.
Here is just a selection of some of the wide range of projects currently in progress.

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Marble Run: River

In Autumn 2016, this was an artist-led project worked with young people in Carlisle on a beautiful kinetic art sculpture that used the power of marbles to explain rivers processes and the natural flood management techniques we install to help reduce the flood risk to communities.

Appleby Flood Project

An artist-led project working with communities in Appleby to create a pop-up art trail telling the stories from the winter 2015 floods. Discover the background to the project, the stories told and download your copy of the trail map/leaflet.

Removing Weirs in the Eden

As part of our long-term strategy to restore natural processes to rivers in the Eden to improve them for wildlife and people, in summer 2016 we removed two weirs - one on the River Eamont at Eamont Bridge, and the other on the River Caldew at Carlisle. Find out why weirs are a problem and watch the film of the weir removals.

Slowing the Flow of Water

This pilot project is testing a variety of natural flood management techniques in the Eden Valley. In summer 2016, we built a series of Large Woody Debris dams to slow the flow of water. Find out how these 'leaky dams' work their magic.