Ploughlands Legacy Award

This Award is presented annually to an individual or a group, whose actions have contributed significantly to the conservation of the rivers and lakes of the River Eden catchment.

In creating this Award, Eden Rivers Trust seeks to reflect upon and recognise the importance of seeking opportunity from adversity, in order to achieve good outcomes for conservation.

This philosophy was ably demonstrated by Eden’s riparian owners, anglers and local river enthusiasts in 1993, who, following a devastating pollution incident at ‘Ploughlands’ on the Eden near Appleby, came together to secure compensation for the river and its wildlife, and then used the funds awarded to establish Eden Rivers Trust as a conservation body representing the whole of the River Eden catchment.

Thanks to the foresight and generosity of spirit of these citizens, the Trust still thrives today. It continues to work to achieve the objectives first developed in the early days; to secure the conservation of the river Eden and the Eden Valley catchment, and to advance the education of the public in the management of water and water habitats.


Criteria for Award and selection of recipient(s)

The Ploughlands Legacy Award is given at the discretion of serving Eden Rivers Trust trustees. Nominations are invited from any individual.

Names should be sent FAO of the Chair of Trustees and Chief Executive of ERT to , along with a short paragraph outlining why the individual or group qualify for the Award.

Nominated individual(s)/group may be of any age, and may be independent or associated with an organisation. This award cannot be awarded to serving staff members or trustees of Eden Rivers Trust.

The deadline for nominations for this year’s award is 16 May 2020.
The inaugural award will be presented at the Eden Rivers Trust Supporters’ Day on 16 May at Newton Rigg College Conference Centre, Penrith.