Primary Schools

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The River Eden and its tributaries are a wonderful educational resource just waiting to be discovered! Here we provide you with a selection of activities and resources to help you learn about the rivers right on your doorstep.

Rivers provide exciting opportunities for delivering many aspects of the National Curriculum. We deliver hands-on, practical activities on the river and in your classroom.

The key areas of study are geography, science and maths but there are many other aspects you could cover.

Rivers Days

Key Stage 1 and 2

Our Rivers Day are free and provide an excellent opportunity for learning outside so that children can discover more about their local environment.

We deliver a full day of activities led by our Learning Co-ordinator and supported by resources linked to the National Curriculum and lots of advice on visit planning and health and safety.

How fast does a river flow? What creatures live in the river? Where does the water come from? Find out the answers to these questions and more on a River Day.

Also please see our downloadable PDF Minibeast Identification Key below.



Rivers in the Classroom

Key Stage 1 and 2

Rivers in the Classroom has been developed as a classroom based activity during the winter months when the weather is bad or river levels are too high. It involves learning through role play. Characters include Mr Bodge the Plumber, Miss Daisy the Dairy Farmer, Shawn Herdwick the Hillfarmer, Mr Mopp the house husband, Ms Sludge manager of a wastewater treatment works and Mrs Richer a paper factory owner.


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