Trout Beck habitat improvements

Part of project: Habitat improvement

We’ve been working in the Trout Beck catchment since 1999. Over that time we’ve delivered a huge variety of small scale habitat improvement projects.

In 2015 we carried out a full catchment walkover of the waterbodies in the Trout Beck catchment that highlighted many issues such as river morphology, barriers to fish passage and water quality issues. This walkover has formed the basis of the projects we are now tackling. Trout Beck is a long-term priority; we have worked there for the past 20 years and have built up good landowner relations.

Other projects have included: fencing, soil improvement, tree planting, farm advice and tree coppicing. All of the above contribute to improving the habitat in the area predominantly through excluding stock access from the rivers through planting and therefore allowing the channel to naturally recover.

The most recent project in October 2018 was the removal of 2 redundant structures which were causing a significant back up of water, severe bank erosion and a potential barrier to fish passage on the Keld Syke (see below for before and after photos).

In 2019, we are planning to improve a fish passage and improve the water quality in the Keld Syke with aim to help fish populations thrive.

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