Trout Beck habitat improvements

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We’ve been working in the Trout Beck catchment (see map) since 1999. Over that time we’ve delivered a huge variety of small scale habitat improvement projects.

These included fencing, soil improvement, tree planting, farm advice and tree coppicing. All of the above have contributed to improving the habitat in the area, predominantly by excluding stock access to the rivers through planting – allowing the channel to naturally recover.

In 2019, we were awarded a Water Environment Grant (WEG) funded through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development for habitat improvement works in the Trout Beck catchment.
This will involve 3 main tasks over the next two years:

  1. Fisheries habitat improvement

The Wild Trout Trust are carrying out catchment walkovers to identify priority locations for habitat improvements. Some fencing projects have already begun (see picture)

  1. Channel modifications

This includes a river restoration site where we will re-meander a 300m section of straightened channel. The designs are almost complete and capital works will take place next year. We are also planning to improve fish passage through a weir.

  1. Invasive species removal

In 2019, we hired ecological consultants to complete a catchment-wide invasive non-native species (INNS) survey and create a removal management plan with the aim of eradicating them from the Trout Beck area. Next year, (2020) we will put the management plan into action, focusing on the removal of key INNS species such as Himalayan balsam with a team of volunteers.

Interested in getting involved? Get in touch with us on 01768 866788 or email to be kept up to date with INNS removal work parties in spring/summer 2020.

Getting the local community involved
We held a launch event in Long Marton in June 2019, which featured river-themed artwork by Long Marton Primary School. We are working with local schools throughout the project as well as running a number of volunteer events throughout the year that residents of all ages can get involved with.
Check out the Things to do page for details of the next event.

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