Saving Eden's Salmon

The wild Atlantic salmon is an iconic ‘keystone’ species; a unique part of our natural heritage. However, it is under threat and urgent, on-the-ground action is required to save it.

Over several millennia, salmon have returned to the Eden to spawn, making a journey of some 3000 km to complete one of the world’s greatest annual species migrations.

Today, we are facing a future where numbers of returning salmon are dwindling to the point where they could become extinct on the Eden during our children’s lifetime.

The reasons for this are complex and not fully understood, but marine survival,habitat loss, and poor water quality are three of the major causal factors.

Whilst it is extremely difficult to affect positive change in vast marine environments, there is much we can do to improve the life chances for salmon when they return to the Eden.

We can improve habitats, remove barriers inhibiting migration, nurture spawning streams and target sources of pollution.

The campaign was launched at our 2016 Charity Auction on the 5th November, where donors and bidders directly support Eden Rivers Trust’s high impact conservation, research and education projects that are urgently needed to improve the fortunes of this most magnificent of fish.

On its own, this auction will not be enough to save Eden’s wild salmon. We will use the auction dinner as a focus to start an awareness-raising campaign to grow a movement of folk to back our call for widespread and co-ordinated recovery efforts to save our wild salmon and the catchment that supports them … before it’s too late!

Sculpture can save salmon too ...

Our previous Director, Simon Johnson, hit upon a novel idea to raise money to kickstart our fund to save Eden's salmon - create a sculpture of this magnificent fish.
As luck would have it, the Eden is home to one of the world's foremost figurative sculptors (and keen fisherman) David Williams-Ellis. David was keen to come on board with this project, and the realisation of this idea can be seen in the gallery and film on this web page.

Watch the film and download the Save Eden's Salmon leaflet to find out more.