Himalayan balsam bash

Date: Thursday 19 September, 10am - 1pm, Long Marton

Himalayan balsam flowers

What is Himalayan balsam? Native to the slopes of the Himalayas (hence the name) it was introduced as a garden plant in the early 19th century and since then has become widespread, especially along urban rivers.

Himalayan balsam is an invasive species that is spreading rapidly throughout the Eden catchment. It outcompetes our native plants and dies back in winter leaving riverbanks bare and at the risk of erosion.

With regular pulling, the plant can be controlled and even wiped out from areas.
You can help get rid of it in Long Marton – we’ll show you how. The fightback against invasive plants starts here!

Join us at this taster day to find out how to balsam bash and tackle a large patch growing in Long Marton.

Please wear old clothes and sturdy footwear. We will provide equipment and refreshments!

To reserve your place and received information about meeting place, please email volunteers@edenrt.org or call Jenni Payne on 01768 866788