Temple Sowerby Beat: Crowdundle Beck-Acorn Bank information

Go Wild Beat No14 Crowdundle Beck - Acorn Bank

2 Tokens
Brown Trout
Double bank and approx 400m of single bank fishing.

The Crowdundle is another productive Pennine beck. It flows through the delightful grounds of Acorn Bank - a National Trust property. Try not to hook a visitor please; and watch out for the invasive Himalayan Balsam, we don’t want that moved!

Go Wild is our innovative roving voucher angling scheme. We have 28 challenging fishing beats spread throughout Cumbria’s beautiful Eden valley. The beats are all on private land, accessible only via the Go Wild scheme and are all real hidden gems.

Go Wild has been designed to provide a sustainable income for farmers and landowners, focusing particularly on stretches of river where habitat improvement work has been carried out.

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