Making It Happen

The Eden catchment and its rivers and lakes, like many others in the UK are under threat.
These threats come from all of society and the demands we place on our natural resources. Development, agriculture, sewage, invasive species and sometimes just neglect and ignorance have all taken their toll.

We all want healthy rivers and lakes, they provide us with clean drinking water, recreational opportunities, high quality wildlife habitats and flood protection, but none of us can achieve this on our own.

As hosts of the Saving Eden Coalition, we are bringing together Farmers and Land Managers, Communities, Politicians and Planners, and Investors to work together more effectively - creating a greater and faster impact on the health of the Eden catchment.

We are passionate about improving the ecological and social value of this great river, its lakes and its tributaries.

All of the projects we undertake help to realise one or more of seven 'big outcomes' resulting from saving Eden - click on the project titles to find out more :

1. A Water Friendly Planning System

One of the best ways to make sure that tings don't get worse is to make sure that as new communities, new businesses, new farms, or new houses are built they are encouraged to be water-friendly  through the planning (development control) system, minimising the risk that you live in a house that floods, or as taxpayer, are asked to pay for these issues to be sorted out in the future!

2. A Resilient Network of Habitats

To safeguard the future of wildlife by rivers, we want to ensure that it has the right habitats to cope with climate change and other risks.

Saving Eden's White-Clawed Crayfish


3. A Dynamic and More Natural River System

Creating 'natural rivers' helps to manage the risk of flooding and ensure the future of fish and other wildlife in the river e.g. removing barriers to fish migration. Creating a natural and more dynamic river system is essential if the Eden and its tributaries are to reach 'good' ecological status by 2027 and perhaps, more importantly, be the assets they should be for the communities of the Eden valley.

River Eden Restoration Strategy - restoring the River Lyvennet to its former (natural) glory

4. A River for People: Accessible, Fun and Culturally Vibrant

There's something magical about being near water, walking alongside it, discovering the multitude of wildlife that live in, on and by the river and simply enjoying the outdoors with your friends and family. This outcome is all about creating cultural events and activities that may change the way you see your landscape and its rivers and providing trails and fun activities to help you get the most out of the river and the valley.

5. A Water-friendly Farming Catchment

Our catchment is overwhelmingly rural, dominated by productive farmland. As such, we have to develop a number of solutions to bring about positive changes to farm businesses and their land management.

Pow Beck Improvements project

6. A Water-friendly and Knowledgeable End-User Community

It's not always about money.  Raising awareness about how little changes made by everyone can all add up to a big difference is key. Are you willing to act to save or improve our river?

10 Things You Can Do - small changes you can do today to help save the river tomorrow


7. Joined-Up Thinking and Investment at a Catchment Scale

If we are to address the negative pressures on the catchment, then working together and getting the right investment in the right place at the right time is critical.

The Saving Eden Coalition - working together to Save Eden