More About ERT

Here's a flavour of some of our current projects:

Cherish Eden
Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, our Cherish Eden programme inspires communities and schools to understand and care about their local rivers, lakes and surrounding landscapes.  Regular volunteering events and youth activities help translate that inspiration into practical action, undertaking river clean-ups, removing invasive plants and monitoring and surveying fish and other wildlife.

Apprentice Eden
Our apprenticeship scheme gives local young people a rare opportunity to develop careers in conservation management.

Over an 18 month period, our apprentices build up a wide range of practical skills whilst working with partners such as the Environment Agency, Natural England, the Forestry Commission, local farmers and landowners, the National Trust and the Lake District National Park. As well as gaining hands-on experience, they also work towards vocational and academic qualifications.


Saving Eden
The Eden catchment and its rivers and lakes, like many others in the UK are under threat. These threats come from all of society and the demands we place on our natural resources. Development, agriculture, sewage, invasive species and sometimes just neglect and ignorance have all taken their toll. We all want healthy rivers and lakes, they provide us with clean drinking water, recreational opportunities, high quality wildlife habitats and flood protection, but none of us can achieve this on our own.

We now urgently need to work together to safeguard the future of the Eden’s rivers and lakes which is why the Saving Eden Coalition has been formed. By bringing people together in a partnership the Coalition aims to get better co-ordination, communication, shared objectives, targets and accountability in place to ensure we are all doing the best we can to drive better and faster outcomes for the Eden catchment.

The Saving Eden Coalition is hosted by Eden Rivers Trust and is an organisational partnership. It is open to representatives from the key audiences who influence and affect the River Eden Catchment and its rivers and lakes.  These audiences are: Farmers & Land Managers; Communities; Politicians and Planners; and Investors. Find out more at